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Money Coaching From The Comfort Of Your Home 

We work with clients virtually so you can enjoy the comfort of your home. We will walk you through your income, expenses, and spending habits. Once we have all the information in front of us, we can make a plan.

Overspending, debt, and stress does not discriminate, no matter your income level. You may feel you make too much money or not enough to get the help you need. However, at Fundamental Finance Solutions, LLC, we work with you one step at a time to take a look at all your financial concerns.

You might have tried to listen to a podcast, read a book or followed a popular financial personality. Nevertheless, you still can’t get a hold on your finances. General information may be helpful, unfortunately, it isn’t tailored to fit your needs and goals.

Client testimonials

Ann S.
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I was struggling to pay off my credit card. Christine put me at ease as we discussed my debt, she heard me as I spoke about the items I could not do without. Christine prioritized and organized my finances. She created a plan which allowed me to focus, all the while her dedication cheered me on as I accomplished my goal. I enjoyed working with Christine and speak highly of her to family and friends. In the future I will not hesitate to call her.
Matthew B.
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I did not know how to save for retirement while paying down debt. Christine provided me with a plan for paying down my debt and saving for retirement. Her advice was simple: per the plan I could contribute a nominal amount, consistently each month. She taught me how to nurture saving and it’s a good habit I’m glad I have now. To my amazement, when I was able to actually contribute in a more meaningful way, I already had a substantial nest egg. I have to admit, some advice was difficult to hear, but necessary and she delivered it in a positive upbeat way. I recommend Christine to help you develop positive financial habits that you can use for years ahead.
Jennifer M.
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I needed to purchase a new car. However, I was “upside down” on my current auto loan and knew I would have to transfer the debt to a new loan. Luckily, Christine had just helped me pay off some substantial credit card debt. With the monthly money I was using to pay down my debt, I could now use toward my new car loan. My credit score had gone up, due to paying off my credit card debt, which qualified me for a lower interest rate. I am now projected to pay off my new car loan in half the time. Christine is so excited for me when I am able to focus on the plan and pay off debt. Next up, I will be working with Christine to start a plan for some much-needed home improvement projects!

Making A Plan To Accomplish Your Goals 

Once we have all the numbers, income, and expenses, we can create a money map. We will act as your personal money coach, helping you organize and prioritize a plan that is tailored to fit your financial goals. 

At this point, you should start to feel the financial burden lift from your shoulders. Making a plan will help decrease stress and anxiety caused by having financial issues. We hope to take away the worry or shame you might feel and replace it with a plan to get on the right track. 

At Fundamental Finance Solutions, LLC, our goal is to excite and empower you for the future and get you started to save for what matters most to you and your family. 

Now is the time to work together to make a plan that fits you, your life, and your goals.

Staying On Track To Continue Your Goals 

Congratulations, you have a plan in place!  At this point, you should be breathing a sigh of relief. You’ve done the hard work. However, you have to review the plan on a regular basis. You might find you need to update your original goals or make some changes to what you thought would work best. 

Life is always changing. You might find your spending habits have changed or you need to save more for something special. What worked before may not work today. That is why you have to keep updating your plan regularly. 

The great thing about a plan is, you can always change it! You might find you want to get married, have children, purchase a home, start a new career or retire. Keeping your plan on track can only lead to your success! 

At Fundamental Finance Solutions, LLC, we will continue to work with you on a regular schedule to discuss: 

  1. What is working
  2. What isn’t working
  3. Adjust for new goals or unexpected surprises 

Staying on top of your money goals and being successful with your finances is something you have to stay focused on.

Lucky for you, Fundamental Finance Solutions, LLC, is here to help!

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