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Client testimonials

Ann S.
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I was struggling to pay off my credit card. Christine put me at ease as we discussed my debt, she heard me as I spoke about the items I could not do without. Christine prioritized and organized my finances. She created a plan which allowed me to focus, all the while her dedication cheered me on as I accomplished my goal. I enjoyed working with Christine and speak highly of her to family and friends. In the future I will not hesitate to call her.
Matthew B.
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I did not know how to save for retirement while paying down debt. Christine provided me with a plan for paying down my debt and saving for retirement. Her advice was simple: per the plan I could contribute a nominal amount, consistently each month. She taught me how to nurture saving and it’s a good habit I’m glad I have now. To my amazement, when I was able to actually contribute in a more meaningful way, I already had a substantial nest egg. I have to admit, some advice was difficult to hear, but necessary and she delivered it in a positive upbeat way. I recommend Christine to help you develop positive financial habits that you can use for years ahead.
Jennifer M.
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I needed to purchase a new car. However, I was “upside down” on my current auto loan and knew I would have to transfer the debt to a new loan. Luckily, Christine had just helped me pay off some substantial credit card debt. With the monthly money I was using to pay down my debt, I could now use toward my new car loan. My credit score had gone up, due to paying off my credit card debt, which qualified me for a lower interest rate. I am now projected to pay off my new car loan in half the time. Christine is so excited for me when I am able to focus on the plan and pay off debt. Next up, I will be working with Christine to start a plan for some much-needed home improvement projects!