Owner & Primary Consultant

Christine Barta

Christine Barta is the Owner of Fundamental Finance Solutions, LLC and the primary money coach. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has always been excited about organizing money and helping others make the most of their finances.

Christine is also Vice President of Operations, Marketing and Finance at the Law Offices of Yvette E. Taylor-Hachoose, Esq., LLC, since 2006. Christine has become an intricate part of the firm dealing with client accounts, financial accounts, forecasting, overall accounting and daily operations.

Christine started Fundamental Finance Solutions, LLC to help people who were frustrated they couldn’t make their finances work. They listened to a podcast, read a book, or followed some financial guru and tried the suggestions. However, at the end of the month, their bank account still ended up in the negative.

Christine would listen as people would say, “I can’t pay off my credit cards, student loans, or save for a home and the financial experts say I need 8 months’ salary saved”.  Finances can be very overwhelming for people.

Christine found it was difficult for people to save and organize their money. Most people have no idea how much their income is and don’t even know what their expenses are each month.

Christine knew there was a need for her services. She is passionate about helping people and she tries to do it with compassion and humor. Her goal is to get people to talk about their finances and not feel ashamed or embarrassed about their financial decisions.

She hopes her approach makes it easy for people to make a sustainable change to improve their life choices when it comes to money and their spending habits.

More About Christine Barta

Christine Barta is not a Financial Advisor, Stock Broker, Credit Counselor or CPA.  This is not a Debt Consolidation Service. Christine’s priority is helping people take control of their finances. Most families don’t discuss how much money they make or how they allocate their spending, which has negative consequences. This can lead to an unclear path for planning future financial goals.

Helping You Take Control Of Your Financial Goals

If FFS was recommended by your Financial Advisor, Stock Broker, Credit Counselor, or CPA because you’ve been overspending or need help due to poor financial habits, we can help. If your financial habits have prevented you from saving for what really matters, we can help. 

At Fundamental Finance Solutions, LLC, we want to make sure your goals are prioritized and planned for what matters most. We will help you identify your long-term goals, along with what everyday items you enjoy. We will allocate spending in your budget for what matters most while focusing on your long-term financial plan.

  • If you enjoy stopping by your local coffee shop each day, we can plan for that.
  • If you want to get your nails done each week, we can plan for that.
  • If you want to take a family trip each year, we can plan for that. 

We meet with clients virtually, so you can enjoy the comfort and peace of your own home. We walk you through the information you need to gather. Once we have all the information in front of us, we can make a plan.

We will meet on a regular schedule to discuss how well the plan is working and what needs to be updated. We will work with you to build better financial habits so you can sustain the momentum.