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Compassionate money coaching to help you take control of your life and prioritize what really matters.


How Can We Help You?

If you lay in bed at night thinking about how to pay your student loans, pay off your credit cards, save for retirement, a new car, or home.
We can help!
If you find you don’t have enough money left at the end of the month to make ends meet.
We can help!
If you are overspending your retirement savings.
We can help!
We work with you to find what matters most, and build a financial plan to meet your goals.
Our goal is to provide a safe environment for you to share your thoughts and feelings about your income, expenses and spending habits.

FFs In The News

FFS owner and money coach Christine Barta joins Pennsylvania estate planning attorney Yvette Taylor-Hachoose on her podcast What’s Your Legacy

Christine shares her point of view on sustainable living and healthy spending habits. 


Providing A Safe Environment To Discuss Your Finances

Talking about your finances can be difficult. Sometimes it is easier to ignore your finances altogether. Instead, you have the stress and worry of how to pay for the things you need and want. Sharing your financial struggles with friends and family can be difficult, you might think you don’t measure up to their expectations. 

At Fundamental Finance Solutions, LLC, you will work with a kind and caring finance consultant to help you feel safe talking openly about your current financial situation.  

Our goal is for you to feel empowered about your financial future.


Prioritizing what matters most

Taking the steps to take control of your finances can be scary. You may worry you won’t be able to do the things you love because now you have to put all your money towards paying off debt. 

At Fundamental Finance Solutions, LLC, we work with you to make sure you diversify your finances to pay off debt, save, and do the things that matter most.  All the while preparing for your financial future. 

The Story of Fundamental Finance Solutions, LLC

Fundamental Finance Solutions, LLC was born with the idea that if people thought more about acquiring assets and thought less about consumption, they would have the power to control their financial health.
Would you rather own things or have things own you? Trying to keep up with family and friends is stressful and leads to poor spending habits. This is why Fundamental Finance Solutions, LLC was created. We teach you how to take back the power to control your financial destiny. We will educate you on the fundamentals of finance, which will lead to your financial success!

Let's get started

First, you need to complete and submit the contact form. Then we will contact you for a consultation and talk about your financial needs. 

Next, we will schedule our first virtual meeting and send you a link. 

This way you can get the help you need from the comfort and safety of your home.

Saving on time, travel, and energy!

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Gathering Information

Understanding Your Current Situation

During our first meeting, we will discuss your assets, income, investments, and debt. We will also talk about your spending habits and see what is most important to you!

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Making A Plan​

Prioritizing What Matters Most

Once we have all the numbers mapped out, we can make a plan and work on how to accomplish your goals. The goal is to plan for the future, while prioritizing what is most important to you.


Implementing Your Goals

Continuing On The Road To Success

Once we decide on a plan, we will continue to nurture it. We can do this by checking in on a regular basis. This will keep you focused and give you the support you need to stay on the road to continued success! 

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